Most of the time in movies, those day to day things that we know our characters are doing are just assumed, unless it somehow drives the plot. In the back of our minds, we always knew Michael Corleone loved to eat, but without the restaurant scene in “Godfather II” we would have never known what he was doing in Italy. The same is true for some of those times when a character just wanted to take a bath:

Marion Crane in Psycho – May as well get this one out of the way first, since it is arguably the most famous bath scene in movie history. Shown at her most vulnerable, naked and in a shower, the woman who we assume to be the central character in the movie is killed off in the first 30 minutes. Janet Leigh made being in the water terrifying long before anyone ever heard of a little fishy named “Jaws”.

Tony Montana in Scarface – Let’s just skip over that whole chainsaw in the bathtub thing and jump to the Cuban drug lord lounging in a tub that was larger than the shack he grew up in. Al Pacino managed to make gangsters all over the world suddenly want to clean up their act, at least literally, after seeing him drawing on a Cuban amidst a whirlpool of bubbles.


Vivien in Pretty Woman – Both bathtub scenes from “Pretty Woman” are pretty important to the plot of the movie. The first is Vivien alone, doing her own rendition of “Kiss”, when Edward makes his indecent proposal to her. Fast forward a few days and now they are both in tub, and Vivien has taken on the role of a whole different type of caretaker to the millionaire bachelor. All that’s missing is a scrub down with a konjac sponge, and the hooker turned therapist could also turn tricks as a professional personal cleaner. Oh to see the look on the uptight Edward’s face as his paid escort rubbed a konjac sponge in all the right places.

Angela in American Beauty – A masterfully crafted film about a man’s struggle with growing older, the fantasy bathtub scene with the best friend of his teenaged daughter shows just how deranged mid life can make a man. The careful placement of red roses to cover the exposed places of his dangerous desire exemplifies that somewhere deep down in his subconscious, Lester knew he was so in the wrong.

Bath scenes add a sense of vulnerability to a character that helps us to identify with them as a person. The way in which they were used in the above films was brilliant, and moved the movie forward, while allowing us to see a whole other side of their personality.


The success of Frozen led to a number of similar survival type movies to be produced immediately afterwards, all with that same horrific premise of being frozen to death. The producers of 247 F decided to turn that premise completely around and place the characters in danger of being cooked alive. The end result is a film that is not nearly as compelling or seat gripping as Frozen (not to be confused with the Disney film of the same name) is, but it is worth a look if you like suspenseful horror rather than blood and gore.

The majority of the movie is set inside of a sauna, where 3 friends are trapped after a 4th suddenly steps out. One brilliant move in the movie is never allowing the audience to see what is trapping the friends, beyond what they are able to see through the tiny window. For the rest of the movie you watch as they work at figuring out ways to cool down the sauna, and then logically work out why they are bad ideas. Breaking the small window for example may make the thermostat register a lower temperature, causing more heat to be pumped in.

There is also an attempt at elevating the suspense by making it appear as if the 4th friend fell victim to the owner of the sauna, who is now outside burying the body. Unfortunately these fall flat as it soon becomes obvious that the movie is purposely trying to trick you into thinking this, when the reality is something much more innocent.

There are no wolves in wait, but you do feel the terror of being locked inside of a small room that is slowly cooking you to death. In the end, everything is wrapped up nice and neat, and all of your questions are conveniently answered without the element of slash scenes and bloody corpses.

Suspense horror is supposed to play with your mind, and there is a good chance that you will think twice before stepping into your portable sauna to enjoy a nice session again. But without the strange series of events that led to the door being blocked, you are going to be free of the danger of being cooked inside of your portable infrared sauna.

This is a thumbs up review for those who like suspense, even if a part of that is an obvious attempt at movie trickery. I am not giving anything away that you won’t get almost immediately when I say that the caretaker is not a serial killer, and Jason did not resurrect to suddenly haunt and taunt those looking for a bit of sauna relaxation. And hey, if it freaks you out that bad, you can use your safe sauna blanket! Go ahead and add it to your survival movie collection, even though it is a complete opposite in every way from what the kids in Frozen had to endure.

It is hard to choose a genre for the 1986 cult classic Little Shop of Horrors. On one side it is a musical, and the other a horror movie (of sorts). But there is also romance to consider and a bit of science fiction. Whatever you want to call it, it is a film that merits a watch at least once.

The iconic Frank Oz directed this delve into hilarious bordering on downright silly flick and it starred:

  • Rick Moranis
  • Ellen Greene
  • Vincent Gardenia (how ironic)
  • Steve “I’m a wild and crazy guy” Martin

The voice of the malicious man eating plant (will get to that plot twist in a sec) was given by Levi Stubbs.

There are also a number of very funny special appearances by some of the top names in comedy at the time:

  • James Belushi
  • John Candy
  • Christopher Guest
  • Bill Murray

Once you look at the list of stars that make this movie you realize that at its core, it has to be a comedy.

The premise of the movie is taken from an off-broadway play by the same name. Audrey II, a venus fly trap gone mad who inhabits the florist shop owned by Moranis. The plant survives only by feeding on the blood of humans which causes very serious concerns for her owner for which Audrey II has a plant sized crush.

Plot Premise

Audrey, the human, works alongside Seymour inside of the florist shop which is struggling to stay afloat. Seymour brings his unusual looking plant in to attract customers, who soon flock to gape at the vicious Audrey II. Before long, Seymour realizes the plant has a taste for human blood and feeds it so that it can grow and impress his crush- the human Audrey.


Human Audrey is dating a sadistic dentist, brilliantly played by Steve Martin. The scene of him at work will ensure that you use your electric toothbrush religiously. That is the scariest, yet most hilarious dentist chair scene in the history of movies. Not only will you brush to avoid that, you’ll invest in a water flosser.

Upon seeing her being slapped by the dentist, Seymour decides to enact revenge, win the girl and sate his plants lust for human blood. He kills the crazy dentist and feeds it to the plant who grows and becomes insatiable in her pursuit for blood.

There are two conflicting endings that were shot for this movie, and we recommend that you watch both. The more graphic and less happy of the two was the original plan, while the happy ending is a result of Hollywood watered down. Watch them both and make your own opinion.

Despite the violence, this is a family styled movie for kids who are old enough to take silly violence. Add it to your list of much see flicks and see for yourself why it has gained such a huge cult following.

Winter is only halfway through, and for some of us the smell of cut grass and flowers is already calling. If you are finding yourself mentally packing your beach bag, it’s time for a summer movie marathon.

There are tons of themes to explore in the summer. Summer sports, the beach, family vacations and camping. Pick a few that you miss the most, grab your popcorn and settle down on the couch. We promise, at the end of this run of movies, summer will seem closer than ever.


meatballscapThis is an oldie that never gets old. Bill Murray in charge of dozens of kids at a sleep away camp where anything that could happen does. Always at his best when playing the underdog, Bill’s band of misfits triumphs in the end and he wins his girl. With a very heavy sexual undertone, this is not for watching with the kiddies unless you want to have to start explaining a lot. You will however enjoy the flashback to ‘70’s summer wear. Short shorts and tube socks – fashionable.

Best scene: The end of the camp Olympics – “spaz – spaz –spaz” The victory cheer.

Friday the 13th Series

Pick any one of these to watch, and your family tent might never make it out of the closet this summer. The Friday the 13th movies are the grand daddy of the summer horror flick, chock full of blood and guts. The earlier ones of course the best, and by number 6 things were starting to feel over played. (how many ways are there to kill someone at a campground anyway)

Best scary man music ever: “kill kill kill, ha ha ha” You’ll get goose bumps every time you hear it.

Without a Paddle

We all know what that’s like. This classic buddy take on the wild movie will be a good mood restorer after having the bejesus scared out of you by Jason. 3 long time friends in search of treasure in the great outdoors get into a lot of hijinx and trouble along the way.

Funniest moment: Inside of their oversized family tent trying to maneuver into the sleeping bags.

Into the Wild

This is an introspective film about the great outdoors and tells the true story of a college student who sells his car in favor of hiking to Alaska. The survival skills he adopts along the way are enviable, and most will relate to the lure of throwing in the towel, loading up your backpacker’s backpack (he might have used one of these) and heading out on your own.

Moral lesson: Above all else, this movie will teach you to be humble when it comes to dealing with nature.

Four completely different styled movies to make you laugh, scream, laugh some more and think. Warm up the DVD and get warmed up for summer with a marathon of movies that celebrate the season in a variety of different ways.

For almost as long as there has been sound in movies, there have been big musical productions made into film. This is a genre that has mostly lost its appeal, but at one time, was the most popular type of movie to pay to go to see.

The Jazz Singer was the first movie musical released in 1927. Starring Al Jolson as the lead character, Hollywood made great use of its new sound ability and new era in cinema was born.

By the 1930’s Warner Bros and RKO began pumping out musicals in rapid secession. This was the dawn of stars such as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Extravaganzas in music were the norm, during a time when bigger was always perceived to be better. Some of the more notable films included Alexander’s Ragtime Band, The Kid from Spain and Rose Marie. It was also at the end of this decade that a very young Judy Garland would walk the yellow brick road with Toto. Never in the history of musical film has one movie caused such a public sensation.

MGM took over the musical genre in the 1940’s with stars like Judy Garland, Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney leading the way. It was during this time that the unforgettable My Gal Sal was put on the screen. The musical talent portrayed during that movie is unmatched. Even with today’s technology and the ability to learn how to sing online, reaching those highs would be hard. If you do take online singing lessons, make the soundtrack from this incredible film part of your repertoire.


Marilyn Monroe brought a new element to the musical movie during the 1950’s. This was also the time to bring Broadway to film in movies such as Oklahoma! And Guys and Dolls. Elvis also started to make the big screen his home, which is said to be the beginning of the end for the genre.

While the 1960’s did bring us many memorable musicals like Funny Girl, The Sound of Music and West Side Story, the public began to be turned off by the knowledge that many of the stars voices were being dubbed. Even so, musical greats Julie Andrews and Barbra Streisand were born during this time in musical productions.

The genre changed slightly during the 1970’s, where in some cases, such as Saturday Night Fever and Tommy, the stars were not the singers. The movie plot was being driven by song, but in a pre-recorded way.

There were a few musicals to note in the ‘80’s like Annie and Purple Rain, but for the most part, the entire genre had changed to musicians supplying the music. The only real musicals we see now are in the animated form. Disney is the only production company that has continually made blockbuster hits of the Hollywood Musical Variety.

Today you will very rarely find a new musical being shown on the big screen. That era of Hollywood history has ended forever.

Hollywood has a long standing history of turning our beloved childhood heroes into movie stars. The famous thief of Nottingham woods is no exception, as his adventures have been brought to life on the big screen, and even the little one. Take a look at some of the famed movies that have taken Robin, his band of merry men, and recurved bow and arrow and made them a memory that has delighted kids and adults for decades.

The very first Robin Hood film, Robin Hood and His Merry Men, was released in 1908. This first adaptation had Robin robbing the rich in complete silence. Another silent movie, Robin Hood, was released in 1912, staring Robert Frazer as the bandit.

There were two more Robin Hood movies released before the 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood. To this day this is one of the most successful films chronicling the adventures of the thief and starred Errol Flynn in the lead role. Most people consider this to by Flynn’s best performance in his career.


During the 1940’s two more movies were released that told of the fun and frolics of the bandit and his merry men. Bandit of Sherwood Forest in 1946 and The Prince of Thieves in 1948. In less than 50 years, Hollywood had released 7 full length pictures that brought the fairy tale character of Robin Hood to life. That’s a lot of recurve bows and arrows (though they’d probably use something like this from FFA in a modern day remake).

The ‘50’s and Forward

There were 5 movies released in the early 1950’s revolving around the shenenigans taking place in Sherwood Forest. First was Rogues of Sherwood Forest, in 1950 followed by Tales of Robin Hood in 1951. Walt Disney got on board with the theme in 1952 and made The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men. That same year the Brits got on board with Miss Robin Hood, a modern day lady version of the thief while Hollywood released Ivanhoe.

It was also during the ‘50’s that Robin began to make TV appearances with his infamous recurve bow and arrow. The first was a British production in 1953, followed by The Adventures of Robin Hood, which ran on BBC television for four years. Roger Moore, of James Bond fame, also got is chance at playing Robin in the TV series Ivanhoe which ran from 1958 to 1959.

By the 1960’s, the Hollywood studios started getting creative with the theme and released movies that had Robin as a 1930’s gangster, out in space and as a singing bandit. This all led up to the 1969 Wolfshead: The Legend of Robin Head.

Since then there have been dozens of adaptations of the classic tale of good fighting evil made for both the movies and for television. Hollywood loves a good legend. The most recent being Ridley Scott’s 2010 Robin Hood with Russell Crowe in the lead role. The story is a classic and leads to hundreds of different versions of how a brave soul can gather together some not so brave friends and together fight for a good cause. If you’re looking for a fun movie night with the kids, this is a good theme to introduce them to.

One of the most popular things to do nowadays when you are idle and you want to add some entertainment into your life is watching movies. Various movies have been very popular ever since and more and more people seem to enjoy watching them with friends and family members. One thing that is becoming more and more popular actually is movie vacations – specifically, traveling to go to film festivals such as TIFF.

Traveling to see films can be great, but if you’re going to Canada, you may need to talk to a proper immigration specialist. If you’re heading into Vancouver or Surrey to check out VIFF, make sure you talk to the best Surrey immigration legal professional you can find. Who knows what sorts of laws and customs exist that may get you in trouble if you don’t know them?

Movies have been a hit even through the old times. Most of them turn out be a blockbuster which was highly regarded due to their special effects, stories and, nowadays, graphics. Making movies especially can be quite challenging at present. The main concern is the budget then the next would be capturing the interest of the audience. Another challenge have to do with making all things come into place to create that entertaining ambiance that people will enjoy.

There are a lot of movies which captured the hearts and entertained a lot of people. What makes it worth to spend your money for will be up to you. To let people know that an upcoming movie will be released, one can now get access to trailers which can be seen on TV or online. These trailers then influence those who have seen them to save the date for them to watch the movie. If the trailer is quite interesting, then most likely people will patronize the movie and make it a blockbuster hit.

However, movies nowadays have an impact to the society. Not only are most of these movies highly influential but they can change lives as well in a good way and in a bad way. One of the most influential movies that were then talked about was Air Force One. This is that movie where the president of the country had to board a plane but was then hi-jacked. Lately rumors have said that this was one of the movies that may have influenced terrorists to do the same and create destruction.

This is one downside of movies if they have as much detailed information for such kind of unfortunate events. Most movies may portray violent scenes and for those individuals who typically watch violent movies may trigger their subconscious to perform activities that may as well be violent. This is why these movies have ratings especially for those which can be highly influential for kids.

Watching movies can give an impact to society either in a positive or in a negative way. It is basically on how people who watch the movie reflect on the movie itself. We cannot control the subconscious which can lead to activities people may do even after watching a movie. This form of entertainment is a gateway to other worlds, society and fantasies. Yes, movies can influence minds and create an impact to society that is why it is important to watch movies that promotes positive living rather than total destruction and violence.

So, you want to grow some facial hair but you are undecided on how to go about this. If this is your first time to grow that beard, you probably would like to look like your favorite Hollywood star. Well, there is not that much challenge here as all you need is to decide on what look you want and you are ready.

There are various Hollywood stars who are known to have that gorgeous facial features including that manly beard that women really adore. Here are some of them that you may want to emulate.

Jake Gyllenhaal

jakeIf you were able to watch that science-fiction film in 2004 entitled The Day After Tomorrow, Jacon Benjamin, more known as Jake Gyllenheal portrayed a role in this film as a student. He’s got various lead roles as a teenager and he finds a way to the heart of most teenage girls because of his gorgeous bearded face.

Ryan Reynolds

ryanAnother handsome option will be Ryan Reynolds. This Canadian actor starred in various films such as The Amityville Horror, Adventureland, Just Friends, Safe House and others. He also play lead voice roles on animated films such as Turbo which was a box office hit last 2013.

George Clooney

georgeNobody can’t deny that bearded handsome look of this American filmmaker. Because of his success and recognition in the film industry, he was able to attract leading roles on movies and received various award nominations and won as well. You’ll definitely find his pretty looking slightly trimmed beard on Ocean’s Eleven.

Johnny Depp

johnnyThe multi-talented John Christoper Depp or more known as Johnny Depp has been awarded several times for best actor starting from being a teen idol up to obtaining leading roles and nowadays being more famous because of his villain roles. You’ll definitely notice that handsome looking beard when he portrayed Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

These are only a few of those famous Hollywood actors that you may want to consider copying your beard from. The real secret in making your beard work for you is to study your facial features and shape the beard not because it is the latest trend but because you look more attractive wearing it.

To make your facial hair look more attractive, you will need to make use of a beard trimmer that will make it easier for you to create the shape that you want for your beard. Don’t forget to perform regular groom your beard to make it look clean all the time.

fish friendThe fishing industry is one of those that serve as a livelihood and leisure activity at the same time. People all around the world are drawn to it, not just because it’s enjoyable, but also because of how useful it is in actually providing food to the table. It’s an activity that can both be entertaining and relaxing at the same time (especially if you’ve got a great SONAR fishing device!). So really, it should come as no surprise that even in popular media like movies, fishing is still held in high regard. Here are some examples of movies that involve fishing that will surely draw you in.

A River Runs Through It (1992)

The story centers on the two sons of a minister, Norman and Paul, in Montana. The Maclean sons were as opposite as they come. One was serious and centered while the other was a wild spirit that lived for adventure and a bit of trouble. The movie is a story of how they grew up. While Norman was more ambitious, it was harder for him to follow his father’s precise instructions about fly fishing, and inevitably, life. Paul, on the other hand was someone who just wanted the happy-go-lucky life, but in contrast, he was well versed in the craft if fishing that their father taught. It may not be the most exciting fishing film out there, but it did effectively deliver the moral of the whole thing by relating the teachings of their father about life to the patience and grace needed in order to successfully fish in any river. Fishing, in this story, plays a central role in bringing the family together.

Grumpy Old Men (1993)

Fifty years may be a long time to continue a rivalry, but in this movie, Max Goldman and John Gustafson will not fail to entertain their audience with their silly antics. Their feud may have started decades ago during high school because of a girl; it has not stopped them from battling each other. Much like how rivals are situated, these two have a love-hate relationship. They may compete for different things, but fishing plays a big role in bringing them together. They strive to beat the other in catching ‘the big one’, though neither uses the high quality Humminbird 898c ;). They become so engrossed in the activity; it’s as if they forget everything else. It’s a hilarious film that will surely take make you think twice about all the silly things that can be done while fishing.

The Perfect Storm (2000)

A lot of people have probably seen this movie at one point. Based on a true story about Andrea Gail’s sinking in 1991, this film showcases a more exciting, albeit devastating take on fishing. Sure, the film is exciting in its own way, but the sinking of their boat and the death of fishermen is a reality that every person in business understands. There are inherent risks when fishing, especially when it’s for your livelihood. Some don’t make it back to their loved ones while others have to brave storms in the water in order to survive. Either way, this movie will not disappoint in sharing that perspective with the audience.

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Dogs have always been a staple part in the lives of humans. This is why it should come as no surprise that these furry creatures are also adored on the big screen. Movies that feature dogs are highly acclaimed and here are some examples of classic dog stories that have left an imprint on a lot of people all over the world.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Hachi, an Akita breed from Japan, was adopted by a university professor as a pup. The dog was so happy to be with his owner that day after day, he would go to the train station with him to see him off when he leaves for work and stay there until his owner returns in the afternoon so they can walk home together. When the professor suddenly died and was unable to return to the train station, Hachi continued to wait. He went back to the same place day after day for the next ten years to come, still expecting his owner so they can walk home together. This movie was based on a true story from Japan and really places an importance on the loyalty of a pet to its master.

Marley & Me

Marley is a yellow Golden Retriever that was also adopted as a puppy by John and Jenny Grogan in an attempt to see if they were ready for parenthood. This movie is a story of how dogs can touch the lives of their owners. At first, Marley was as unmanageable as ever and could not really be trained in conventional ways, even being unable to use no-wire electric pet fences (by the way, if you’re in the market, we recommend the Pet Smart Model over at K9 Fence Reviews). He wreaked havoc in the house and was a constant frustration for his owners. Nevertheless, he became part of the family. Marley & Me is a classic movie that showcases owner’s love for their pets. When Marley was diagnosed with gastric dilatation volvulus and it was found that surgery cannot remedy it, John was with him every step of the way up until Marley took his last breath.

101 Dalmatians

Now who could forget this classic Dalmatian tale? The owners fell in love, and the dogs fell in love, too. It was a fairy tale in the making when Roger and Anita were forced together by their Dalmatian pets, Pongo and Perdy while they were taking a walk in the park. It was smooth sailing all the way, except when Cruella De Vil appeared and wanted the puppies for herself since she intended to make them as coats. As the puppies were kidnapped, the owners and the dogs go on an adventure to rescue them from the villainous designer. Upon rescue though, Roger and Anita found that they rescued not just their 15 puppies, but also others which totaled to a 101. And at last, they decided to just move to the countryside with their newly rescued family, the 101 Dalmatians. This one had a happy ending. It showed how pets can pave the way for a new change in life, just like when Roger met Anita and when they were able to transfer in the country side for their newly adopted dogs.