Dr. T and the women, the movie

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Richard Gere is Dr T and he's an extremely successful gynecologist. Shelly Long is his head nurse and his practice is always overbooked due to his high demand.

Gere is married to Farrah Fawcett and has two daughters, Kate Hudson and Tara Reid. After the opening scenes in the office, we see Laura Dern who is Dr. T's sister in-law shopping with Farrah and her two daughters at Tifffanys for presents for Kate Hudson upcoming wedding.

  • A funny movie
  • Great reviews from all around the world
  • An interesting plot
  • Classic but brilliant!
  • It's up to you now!

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During the shopping, Farrah wanders off out into the mall and as she's walking, she slowly starts shedding her clothes. She finally gets to a large fountain in the mall, takes all her clothes off and walks into it.

Richard Gere in the meantime has gone to his golf club where he meets the new golf pro, Helen Hunt. Helen tells him that the police just called and his wife has been arrested. They get Farrah out of jail but on the advice of her shrink, they put her in an institution. It seems that Richard Gere has been so loving and done so much for her that she has reverted to a younger time in her life when she felt more in control...

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