British actress Lacey Turner and hers best roles in TV movies

Lacey Turner, one of the most famous soap actress in Britain in recent times, is the recipient of as much as 31 awards, including four National Television awards, and ten British soap awards. She has also received a TRIC Award trophy, and eight Inside Soap awards. Lacey Turner photos are among the top searches in the Internet.

Lacey's Television Roles

Lacey shot into limelight with her role as Stacey Slater in "East Enders," the popular BBC soap opera. She featured in the show between 2004 and 2010, and again from 2014 to the present. Her other roles of note are in "Bedlam, "Switch," "Our Girl," "Call the Midwife", "Switch," "True Love," "Children in Need," and more.

Lacey in EastEnders

"East Enders," arguably Lacey's most famous show till date and which shot her into fame, is a story of how typical working-class inhabitants residing at Albert Square carry on with their lives. Albert Square is a famous Victorian-era square, comprising of several terrace houses in the East End of London's Walford borough. Incidentally, Lacey grew up in Hertfordshire, just a few minutes from the Elstree studios, the filming locale of EastEnders, making her a natural fit for the role. Lacey had auditioned for the role of Demi Miller in 2004, but lost out to Shana Swash. She nevertheless made an effective impression, considering the producers offering her the role of Stacey, which was newly created.

Lacey in Beldam and Our Girl

In "Beldam," shot in 2012, Lacey plays the role of Ellie Flint. This was a drama with a supernatural air, set in a haunted apartment building, which was an insane asylum previously. In "Our Girl," shot between 2013 and 2014, Lacey plays the role of Molly Dawes, who works as an Army medic in Afghanistan. The plot is set at the time when the British army is withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Lacey's Photos

Lacey Turner photos are aplenty in the Internet, and searched by millions of fans across the world. She looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy, and more so when she strips down to her underwear. Lacey Turner underwear photos are also aplenty on the Internet. In one of her most famous photos, taken during one of her vacations in Dubai, she is featured in a sexy pink swimsuit. Lacey Turner in her underwear reveals a well-toned body, with her bra unable to fully cover her ample cleavage. The secret of her well-toned body is her habit of hitting the gym daily, and indulging in extensive workouts. In another photo shoot, shot in 2015, Lacey draped in skimpy black leather shorts, an alluring black lace top and tousled hair, complete with smoky black eyes, personifies a sex goddess.

Lacey Turner Personal Life

Lacey Amelia Turner, as is her full name, was born 28 March 1988 at Edgware, London, to Bev and Less. She is the eldest of her three siblings, all of whom incidentally are soap stars. Lacey had set her eyes on stardom at a very young age, having enrolled at the Sylvia Young Theatre School at the age of ten. Ironically, she was teased by her fellow students for being geeky, and left the school after a year! Lacey continued her classes at a local private school in Stanmore, all the while continuing with her acting classes outside of classroom hours. She started "EastEnders" the day after finishing school.

Lacey's Future Plans

In a recent interview, Lacey clarifies she is quite happy with the roles available in locally. Unlike several of her contemporaries, she has no plans to shift to the US either, to explore more opportunities.


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