Winter is only halfway through, and for some of us the smell of cut grass and flowers is already calling. If you are finding yourself mentally packing your beach bag, it’s time for a summer movie marathon. There are tons of themes to explore in the summer. Summer sports, the beach, family vacations and camping. Pick a few that you miss the most, grab your popcorn and settle down on the couch. We promise, at the end of this run of movies, summer will seem closer than ever.


This is an oldie that never gets old. Bill Murray in charge of dozens of kids at a sleep away camp where anything that could happen does. Always at his best when playing the underdog, Bill’s band of misfits triumphs in the end and he wins his girl. With a very heavy sexual undertone, this is not for watching with the kiddies unless you want to have to start explaining a lot. You will however enjoy the flashback to ‘70’s summer wear. Short shorts and tube socks – fashionable. Best scene: The end of the camp Olympics – “spaz – spaz –spaz” The victory cheer.

Friday the 13th Series

Pick any one of these to watch, and your family tent might never make it out of the closet this summer. The Friday the 13th movies are the grand daddy of the summer horror flick, chock full of blood and guts. The earlier ones of course the best, and by number 6 things were starting to feel over played. (how many ways are there to kill someone at a campground anyway) Best scary man music ever: “kill kill kill, ha ha ha” You’ll get goose bumps every time you hear it.

Without a Paddle

We all know what that’s like. This classic buddy take on the wild movie will be a good mood restorer after having the bejesus scared out of you by Jason. 3 long time friends in search of treasure in the great outdoors get into a lot of hijinx and trouble along the way. Funniest moment: Inside of their oversized family tent trying to maneuver into the sleeping bags.

Into the Wild

This is an introspective film about the great outdoors and tells the true story of a college student who sells his car in favor of hiking to Alaska. The survival skills he adopts along the way are enviable, and most will relate to the lure of throwing in the towel, loading up your backpacker’s backpack (he might have used one of these) and heading out on your own. Moral lesson: Above all else, this movie will teach you to be humble when it comes to dealing with nature. Four completely different styled movies to make you laugh, scream, laugh some more and think. Warm up the DVD and get warmed up for summer with a marathon of movies that celebrate the season in a variety of different ways.

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