The fishing industry is one of those that serve as a livelihood and leisure activity at the same time. People all around the world are drawn to it, not just because it’s enjoyable, but also because of how useful it is in actually providing food to the table. It’s an activity that can both be entertaining and relaxing at the same time (especially if you’ve got a great SONAR fishing device!). So really, it should come as no surprise that even in popular media like movies, fishing is still held in high regard. Here are some examples of movies that involve fishing that will surely draw you in.

A River Runs Through It (1992)

The story centers on the two sons of a minister, Norman and Paul, in Montana. The Maclean sons were as opposite as they come. One was serious and centered while the other was a wild spirit that lived for adventure and a bit of trouble. The movie is a story of how they grew up. While Norman was more ambitious, it was harder for him to follow his father’s precise instructions about fly fishing, and inevitably, life. Paul, on the other hand was someone who just wanted the happy-go-lucky life, but in contrast, he was well versed in the craft if fishing that their father taught. It may not be the most exciting fishing film out there, but it did effectively deliver the moral of the whole thing by relating the teachings of their father about life to the patience and grace needed in order to successfully fish in any river. Fishing, in this story, plays a central role in bringing the family together.

Grumpy Old Men (1993)

Fifty years may be a long time to continue a rivalry, but in this movie, Max Goldman and John Gustafson will not fail to entertain their audience with their silly antics. Their feud may have started decades ago during high school because of a girl; it has not stopped them from battling each other. Much like how rivals are situated, these two have a love-hate relationship. They may compete for different things, but fishing plays a big role in bringing them together. They strive to beat the other in catching ‘the big one’, though neither uses the high quality Humminbird 898c ;). They become so engrossed in the activity; it’s as if they forget everything else. It’s a hilarious film that will surely take make you think twice about all the silly things that can be done while fishing.

The Perfect Storm (2000)

A lot of people have probably seen this movie at one point. Based on a true story about Andrea Gail’s sinking in 1991, this film showcases a more exciting, albeit devastating take on fishing. Sure, the film is exciting in its own way, but the sinking of their boat and the death of fishermen is a reality that every person in business understands. There are inherent risks when fishing, especially when it’s for your livelihood. Some don’t make it back to their loved ones while others have to brave storms in the water in order to survive. Either way, this movie will not disappoint in sharing that perspective with the audience.

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