Dogs have always been a staple part in the lives of humans. This is why it should come as no surprise that these furry creatures are also adored on the big screen. Movies that feature dogs are highly acclaimed and here are some examples of classic dog stories that have left an imprint on a lot of people all over the world.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Hachi, an Akita breed from Japan, was adopted by a university professor as a pup. The dog was so happy to be with his owner that day after day, he would go to the train station with him to see him off when he leaves for work and stay there until his owner returns in the afternoon so they can walk home together. When the professor suddenly died and was unable to return to the train station, Hachi continued to wait. He went back to the same place day after day for the next ten years to come, still expecting his owner so they can walk home together. This movie was based on a true story from Japan and really places an importance on the loyalty of a pet to its master.

Marley & Me

Marley is a yellow Golden Retriever that was also adopted as a puppy by John and Jenny Grogan in an attempt to see if they were ready for parenthood. This movie is a story of how dogs can touch the lives of their owners. At first, Marley was as unmanageable as ever and could not really be trained in conventional ways, even being unable to use no-wire electric pet fences (by the way, if you’re in the market, we recommend the Pet Smart Model over at K9 Fence Reviews). He wreaked havoc in the house and was a constant frustration for his owners. Nevertheless, he became part of the family. Marley & Me is a classic movie that showcases owner’s love for their pets. When Marley was diagnosed with gastric dilatation volvulus and it was found that surgery cannot remedy it, John was with him every step of the way up until Marley took his last breath.

101 Dalmatians

Now who could forget this classic Dalmatian tale? The owners fell in love, and the dogs fell in love, too. It was a fairy tale in the making when Roger and Anita were forced together by their Dalmatian pets, Pongo and Perdy while they were taking a walk in the park. It was smooth sailing all the way, except when Cruella De Vil appeared and wanted the puppies for herself since she intended to make them as coats. As the puppies were kidnapped, the owners and the dogs go on an adventure to rescue them from the villainous designer. Upon rescue though, Roger and Anita found that they rescued not just their 15 puppies, but also others which totaled to a 101. And at last, they decided to just move to the countryside with their newly rescued family, the 101 Dalmatians. This one had a happy ending. It showed how pets can pave the way for a new change in life, just like when Roger met Anita and when they were able to transfer in the country side for their newly adopted dogs.

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